Puppy Pictures & Videos

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11 January – Bruno has a long car ride home with his new family to meet his new cat!

11 January – Hazel spends one last morning in the garden with Bruno.

10 January – Franzi heads home to start her new life journey.

6 January – Kai starts his two day journey to Melbourne, AU.

4 January Bruno skateboarding – finally got some video of Bruno in motion on the skateboard. They aren’t worried at all about the movement under them.

3 January – the remaining boys go skateboarding – Bruno, Kai and Zeke.

2 January – Nala met her new parents and then flew home with them the next day.

2 January – Bobbie headed out to Auckland to new cuddle providers. I managed to cry a little less.

Mother, son (Kai) and chicken – all with legs out behind them.
Wet morning so broke out the slow bowls to entertain them.

29 December – Rocco leaves us to join his forever family and a life full of love and adventure. Good-bye Rocco.

28 December – the next day, Nala figured out how to climb on the chair and now reigns over her loyal subjects – Bobbie and Kai.

25 December – Christmas puppies

Puppy activity centre

21 December – the puppies and I enjoyed some time under the trees today.

The pool is out and ready for warmer weather. I thought they needed the ramp but apparently not.
Puddle of puppies.

Hazel is a good mum and is still giving the puppies a drink in the morning and evening. Best watched with volume on for full effect.

The blue collar didn’t fit the puppies until they were a week old and had doubled their birth weight. The pink collar is the size they are wearing now.

17 December – the puppies did some crate training this evening. Once they started winding down from playtime, most of them were in the crates already and I added the doors. This caused about 5 minutes of fussing and then they all fell asleep. This is after about 30 minutes when the doors were removed.

Bit out of order – on 12 December the puppies had their first vet visit for health checks, vaccinations and microchipping. The puppies were a big hit and lots of the nurses came in for a visit. Kay made the New Plymouth Vet Group’s Instagram with their vet Gemma.

14 December – moved to a different area outside. Set up a ramp for them to explore but they also enjoyed crawling through the garden mesh I put down to keep them out of a hole Amber had dug.

13 December – outside play time. It’s a bit long but there was a variety of play going on among different groups of puppies.

The puppies can now climb over the white barrier so we have to totally close the xpen door now. Since she can no longer jump over the white barrier, Hazel has put her agility training to good use and jumps up on and off the wire crate to get in with them. Here she is just using it to keep a close eye on lunch time. Grover is at the front of the picture and Floyd is at the water bowl.

12 December – new toys are the best ones.

Kay (L) and Ethel (R) play tug with the new crinkley unicorn. Grover is hanging onto Ethel.

Herman and Ethel are tugging at the start and then Kay ends up with the toy.

Puppies have a vet appointment for first vaccinations on Thursday so today we practiced going for a short drive in the car. Two are in the left crate and five are in the right one.

6 December – a beautiful day so they all went outside under the olive trees. The dog you see on the outside of the pen is Amber, a French Brittany we got when she was 3.5 years old. She hasn’t interacted much with the puppies yet.

3 December – more of the puppies are choosing to nap in the crate. I plan on putting the top on it tonight so they can get used to it.

30 November – first time outside

New experience today – foil! New smell, sound, taste and texture.

Grover, Herman, Ivan, Jacob and Kay have a bit of a wrestle with each other.

21 Nov – big day for the puppies – they moved from the whelping box in the spare room out into the main living area. They now have a warm bed (grey crate with overhead heat lamp), cool bed (where the toy is), a potty area and a play/feeding area. Hazel also has a “escape area” (burgundy crate), where she can have quiet time away from them. She can also come and go from entire area when we are home. Once they get a bit bigger, the area will be enlarged further and they can go directly outside via door on bottom left of picture.

Nanny cam – 17 Nov
Eyes fully open

Grover up on his feet – first attempts at walking
8 November
3 November