We had a nice Christmas day visiting friends. We took the dogs with us and they had fun too. Piper was witnessed catching a bird by our host. She jumped off a retaining wall and in mid air caught a bird. Now we know that she actually is catching birds and not just finding birds that flew into a window and stunned themselves.

Later in the day a puppy came to visit and our girls got a second wind and spent the next hour chasing and playing with the puppy.

Emma gave me two very nice cycling jerseys for Christmas.



Emma’s gift from me is a pair of custom made bicycle wheels. The wheel builder is waiting for a shipment of rims so he can build Emma’s wheels. On some of our out of town rides like at Rotorua where the some of the roads are a fair bit rougher than what we find locally Emma has had issue with numb hands. The new wheels are wider rims which will allow her to run the same tyres but they will have greater air volume so can offer more cushioning on rough roads and hopefully she will have improved comfort. Also the builder offers a very good guarantee and the high end hubs being used with proper maintenance should last a life time.