Masters Games Triathlon

A few weeks back we headed down to the port not knowing what the conditions would be. Checking wind conditions online showed a variety of wind conditions. When we first got a look at the sea it was very rough and not at all looking like conditions we wanted to swim in. The water conditions in the port were much better but we could see waves outside the port breaking over the break water displaying what conditions outside of the port were like. We got our numbers for the Taranaki Master Games Triathlon.

The swim start was different with having to navigate the at times large break to get out to open water. The first large wave I had to navigate I was still on by feet, I rode up the wave and came back down on my feet and my knee snapped backwards. I fell forward and started swimming. Two more large waves came and I swam into them surfer style going through the waves instead of riding over them. From that point on the going was pretty good with just some swells to deal with. With the swells I was a bit challenging seeing and navigating the buoys for the swim course but all went well.

The bike course is the same one we have ridden many times. The wind gave some people a case of the wobbles at times but overall the conditions were good.

The wind had no effect on the run, which was uneventful and i never once thought about how I jammed my knee during the swim.

Was a bit of a different event with many different races going on together, Club races, Masters Games, School Champs and duathlon.


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