That Darn Cat

Last week we were having a nice sleep when the dogs got riled up. A neighbourhood cat had come in one of the windows. Emma went to put the cat out but it would not go out the door she opened for it nor the window it came in. A bit of cat herding later and the the cat was gone.

This past Saturday we went down to Hawera and did a sprint triathlon, 600m swim, 18km bike and 4.7 km run. It was a pool swim and they asked for the fast swimmers to line up first. Emma lined up near the front and when they opened the start chute no one would go so Emma stepped up and was first in the water. She held the lead till the half way mark when two swimmers passed her when they had to exit the pool, run to the start point and swim another 6 lengths. People were pretty good about getting in the pool with others near their speed so the pool did not get too congested.

The bike course was a two lap affair that took us out of town and back. There were two small climbs and a good cross wind that turned into a head wind on one leg of the bike.

The run was another two lapper taking us through the neighbourhood around the sports complex.

Emma had a really good swim, a strong bike ride but was not totally happy with her run. Unofficially she was second in her age group.

I had my usual average swim, I was happy with my bike, trying to go hard all the way and see what my run would be like after a hard bike leg. The run started out a bit rough but my legs came to me as I kept going and I was happy over all with how my race went.

Tonight we did our usual Tuesday night criterium. It was a new course just using the bottom half of the road course which made for of lots of climbing. It was hidden handicap so we all started at the same time and did 14 laps (12 km) and they handicap the results. I was first and Emma second. I thought I was doing well sitting 10 meters behind Emma. But near the end I was able to close in on her and pass her on the climb and was able to stay a head of her for the last two laps. I liked the course and hope we do it again. The win was the icing on the cake as I was quite happy with how I rode.

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