Coastal Walkway extension

Over the past few years there has been talk about extending the New Plymouth coastal walkway. Last year the council talked about some options on where through Bell Block the extension would run. This spring we started to see some construction in Hickford park for a walkway running parallel to the road. We had also seen a bit of work being done at the old boxing club, and down at Bell Block beach.

Tonight we went for a run by the old boxing club and were surprised by all the work that had been completed. They had poured a concrete path down to the old boxing club to a new bridge that lead up hill towards Hickford Park. We followed the new walkway towards Hickford park and hugged wetlands then along the park to connect to the existing pathway leading to New Plymouth.

We can now take the sideway to Mangati Road, cross the road and be on the Coastal Walkway. It we hang a right after crossing Mangati road we will have a new concrete pathway to the beach. Another right at the beach will take us along the beach to new a new stairs and ramp access to Tiromoana Crescent. So lots of new options for us to walk and run, or even use with our bikes.

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