We ended up skipping our Saturday ride last weekend as we had a birthday party to go to plus a few other things going on. But Sunday was a great warm only slightly windy day which made for a great 50 km ride. Should be my last ride on my current chain and cogset as they need replacing. Using the opportunity to change my gearing a bit by adding approximately 3%  to the highest and lowest gear giving me a slightly broader range of gearing. Could do without the higher gear but the low gear I will take advantage of.

Another change I have made is the way I handle the gels we use to provide energy while we ride. Normally the gel is in a little single serving that you keep in your pocket and eat on the go. I find handling the packaging a pain especially in events where I am going hard. So I have been testing a plastic flask to hold multiple servings of gel. With a little water added to thin the gels I find the flask quick and easy to use when on the go. Added bonus is the gel I have been using is sold in bulk form the this significantly cheaper than the single servings.

Yesterday I changed my gearing and installed a new chain on my bike. Instead of using the Shimano pin to join the chain, I used a reusable KMC quick link. The quick link was easy to install and has the bonus of being removable which is handy. Tested the new setup on the trainer and all seemed good but out on a long ride today the chain was noisy. A quick shifting cable adjustment sorted that out and I did find I could feel the difference with the lower gear when climbing.

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