Unbridled Enthusiasm

The title describes Piper to a T. This past Wednesday morning Emma heard a yelp and Piper came in the house on three legs. Her right back leg held up and when Emma checked it out in made a loud pop (no Emma did no break Piper). An unscheduled trip to the vet found that she ruptured the ACL in her knee. Now Piper is on enforced low activity, no freedom to chase birds, run like a hooligan about the house with a shoe in her mouth to convince us to take her for a run. But she still has unbridled enthusiasm. She could teach us a few things and lord if we could bottle some of her energy. Surgery is being investigated, most likely to happen at the vet school at Massey University in Palmerston North where they have the resources to evaluate the knee and use the best fix for the knee. The local vet has few options to offer for repairing the knee. By all accounts post surgery and post rehab Piper will be able to run and jump and play again.

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