Horse Rescue

Last night Emma stayed home a bit under the weather while I went for a run with the girls. We crossed paths with two ladies on their horses on the first leg of our run. On the way back I could see a horse coming towards us and realized quickly that the rider was missing. I stopped, put my arms out wide and said whoa and the horse came to a halt. I called it and it started towards me nervously. I held the dogs leads out as far to the left as I could and reached with my right and was able to get hold of the bridle making note that the reins where not dangling on the ground so would not be a hazard. I started walking the horse down the trail the way it came and soon a rider came jogging towards us to fetch her horse. She made some comment about a silly horse bucking her off before she mounted up and headed down the trail. Got several thankyous for my deed. We ended up passing the rider again down the trail when she was stopped chatting with her friend.

The girls were really good around the horses, not making a fuss at all which sure made my job much easier.

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