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Tonight we did our first run post our trip to Australia. Was about 4.5 km which is just shy half of the 10 km we need to cover on the triathlon we have scheduled for early December. We have good base fitness so should not be too hard a journey to get out running back up to snuff. The dogs were very excited to get out running again too. Piper has been asking to running daily.

Swimming at least for me will be a bit more work. I did my first masters swim yesterday and put a good 75 minutes in, but will need to start swimming 2 or 3 times a week to get my swimming fitness where it needs to be. Cycling we have to start from scratch but not too worried about it.

Been doing so volunteer work for the pool setting up a basic website that will be easy for them to maintain. Need to get it found and indexed by Google so am putting a link to it on this page as Google already indexes my site.

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