Taupo Half Marathon 2014

Back home after running the Taupo half marathon this morning. We put the dogs in a kennel yesterday morning and drove to Taupo. We had a nice relaxing afternoon, picked up our timing chips for raceday, checked out the few vendors showing their wares. We each ended up pickup up a new pair of running shoes from Hoka who were the title sponsor of the event.

Rain and wind over night, at times heavy. We woke early wondering if the even was still on. The wind had died down and the rain was light. We headed over to the race start early so we could get parking near by. The field where the start was was very wet. I needed to make a last minute stop at the portapotty and to miss the line up where there was no water I went into ankle deep water to get to an unused portapotty. Was going to get wet feet anyways. One issue was that while in the loo one of my drink bottle ejected from my race belt and went down the drain. Left me needing to rework by hydration plan for the event.

At 9 a wave start was begun for 1400 plus runners doing the half marathon. Took about 10 minutes before we got to start running.For the first two kilometers the road was closed and we could see a sea of runners ahead of us. I ran with Emma for the first 9 kilometers at which point Emma needed to pee. I did not want to stop and wait for her so went a head on my own. We had talked before hand that I would not stay with her if I felt I wanted to go on my own. With only two bottles on my race belt I was now at the point that I had to refill a bottle at and aid station. I took the lid off as I came up to the station then grabbed a cup from a volunteer and pored it in my bottle. The way back to the finish went along the lake side quite a bit. Was really nice even on the rainy day to run along the lake. At one point the path was unpaved and in a dip a lady behind me tripped and did a faceplant. I turn to she if she needed help but many hands where out already to assist. The last 7 kms I passed a lot of people, some I recognized as runners that had passed me much earlier. I needed a refill at again and when i got to the past aid station a girl was filling glasses, so I held my bottle out and she filed it up for me. I tried to stay relaxed and focused over the last few kms as I was fading a bit. All was well until the final two hundred meters as there was a substantial climb which I struggled to climb then a shuffle through wet grass and some mud to the finish line. I ran the fence line to the finish which kept me out of the worst of the mess.

Emma’s time 2:37:54, John’s time 2:35:08.

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